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Vascular Treatment

One of the most successful advancements of medicine in recent years is the treatment of vascular problems via laser. Thin red capillary vessels (telangiectasia), and 0.3-0.4 mm-diameter blue-purple varicose veins (reticular varicose), which are present on mostly face and legs and artery, and similar arterial and venous problems could be treated via laser successfully by implementing over the skin. Its treatment is performed mostly as 3 sessions with 1.5 month intervals. The procedure is slightly painful. After the procedure, slight redness, swelling and itching may be in question. Even if it is very rare, some bruise may be encountered. It is a day-case procedure. The patient could immediately return to the daily life. Nd:YAG laser is very effective in the treatment of vein problems. The results are close to perfection under appropriate conditions.