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What is the procedure/How is it performed?

The most frequent surgery for the shape of chin for only aesthetic concern without having a disorder in tooth arrangement is mentoplasty. Additionally, this surgery enables a softer and more round appearance by filing the chin bone for the people whose lower jaw is distinct and angled.  Just the contrary, it is possible to make a filling with some materials to this location in people whose lower jaw bone is narrow and inward.


How long does it take?

 It takes about one hour.


What kind of anesthesia is used?

The surgery is performed under intravenous sedation in general. General anesthesia could be used, as well.


How long is hospitalization? 

This is a day-case surgery.


What are possible risks and undesired results? 

Apart from undesired results seen after every surgery, wound healing problems and asymmetries may be observed even if they are rare.


How does the recovery period progress? 

This period is generally comfortable and with slight pain. Swelling and bruising may be seen for a few days. Bandages may stay for a few days.


How are the results?

Appropriate planned surgical results are very gratifying and permanent.