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Laser Epilation

What is epilation?

It is removal of unwanted hairs on a specific area for a long-term or permanently. Its difference from depilation which is removal of the hairs for a short-time is that hair root is destroyed.

How many epilation types are there?

Epilation generally is divided into electroepilation (epilation with needles) and photoepilation.

Which epilation method is more successful?

Photoepilation is more appropriate, effective and successful procedure compared to needle epilation in terms of pain-ache, speed and some side effects.

What is photoepilation? What are its types?

It is a term that includes all of the epilation methods with light origin. Its main operation principle is based on implementing an extreme light in a specific wavelength on the skin. One of its effect mechanisms is that the pigment called as melanin found intensively in hair root absorbs the light and then the heat emerging destroys the hair root. Another way is that the light is absorbed by hemoglobin in blood vessels found intensively around the hair follicle and thus the heat emerging destroys the hair follicle. Laser, IPL, blue-light epilation etc. methods are the types of photoepilation. The most effective one among them is laser epilation.

What is laser?

Shortly, it is an intensified light beam in the same wavelength. There are lasers in different wavelengths. Its use in medicine dates back many years. Its practice areas are determined by wavelengths and target tissues-chromophores that they affect.

What is laser epilation?

It is use of laser for the purpose of epilation. For today, it is the most effective epilation method. It is a medical method. After experimental studies for long years, its effectiveness and reliability has entered into the medical literature in 1990’s.

What is importance of the practitioner in laser epilation?

The human being uses the machine. Energy level, shot interval and shot period must be chosen according to the skin and hair type. Practitioner chooses the suitable laser and even suitable machine. Determination of numerous parameters caused by patient and technology which can affect the success exactly depends on the practitioner. Using the best laser or the machine with the state-of-the-art technology does not guarantee you the best results.


Where should I have laser epilation?

Of course you are required to have laser epilation in a health institution. Laser epilation is a medical procedure. Laser epilation must not be implemented on beauty salons. Even IPL epilation practice is not appropriate, as well.

Is laser epilation safe?

It is a safe method as long as it is implemented by experts.

On which body parts the laser epilation could be performed?

Laser epilation could be performed almost all parts of the body except for eyelashes.

Who are the most appropriate candidates?

Light skin color and dark thick hair existences are the most suitable conditions for laser epilation. How identical the skin color and hair color are, the effectiveness may be less such an extent.

What to do after laser epilation?

Applying a moisturizer to the skin after the treatment is useful in respect of removing the dryness. Irritants such as alcohol, perfume, colorant etc. must not be included in the applied product.

A warm shower could be taken immediately after laser epilation. Irritanting practices such as rubbing, peeling must not be implemented for one week.

The patient must avoid sun exposure and solarium for 2 weeks after the treatment. In case of an obligation, a sun cream with high protection factor must be used.

In the first day, heavy exercise and activities, which cause excessive sweating, must be avoided. Sweating could cause irritation.

Make-up is allowable if there are no conditions such as erythema, crack, and crusting after the treatment. If any, make-up must be avoided until these conditions stop.

What is the session number of laser epilation?

It needs generally 5-8 sessions in women. Facial area is stubborn. It can extend to 10-15 sessions. Hairing occurred due to hormonal disorder needs more sessions to be implemented. In men; if whole hairlessness is desired, session number may be more. If it is requested for the hairs to be decreased, of course the procedure may be completed with limited number of session.