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Bot. Tox./Botox-Dysport

Botulismus toxin exhibits its effect by stopping the message conveying from nerves to muscles temporarily. In the injected area, it prevents the movement of the muscles. Thus, it removes the wrinkles occurring as a result of movement of these muscles.

Toxin is put on the market with the names Botox and Dysport. And they are known with these names mostly.

Botulismus toxin is applied by making injection to certain points on face with a very thin needle for the purpose of smoothing wrinkles. The operation takes about 10 minutes and is felt only as a thin needle stinging.

The effects of the application begin 3 and 7 days later and continue for 4 and 6 months. The effects of the medicine which are permanent up to 4 months in the first application may get longer after the recurring practices. Important swelling and rash do not occur during the application and the person could go back to his/her daily activities immediately.

Toxin injections are very effective especially on removal of forehead lines, frowning lines and lines around the eye (crow\'s feet) on the upper part of the face. It could be applied on the lines on the lips and vertical lines on the neck in the lower part of the face. Furthermore, it could be used for nasolabial lines, lifting of mouth corners and ear front lines .

For treatment of excessive sweating in palms and armpits, Botox-Dysport applications are also implemented in our clinic.

Botox-Dysport application is a method whose permanence is not very long and which needs to be repeated; however it is also mostly preferred and applied practice in today’s plastic surgery because it is a non-surgical and easy treatment.

The toxin has been applied to millions of people in the world and there has been no serious complication. Since some complications that may occur due to wrong practices go back to normal in a few months, they are not deemed as important. But the fact that this treatment is applied by an experienced expert plastic surgeon in our clinic is important in terms of both preventing formation of these complications and getting effective results.