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Op. Dr. Ercan YAVUZ About

Op. Dr. Ercan YAVUZ Op. Dr. Ercan Yavuz was born in Trabzon in 1971. In 1988, K.T.Ü. For a period of one year after the beginning of the Faculty of Medicine of higher education made ​​compulsory service as a general practitioner in Bayburt. The same faculty in 1995, began residency training in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Upon completion of training in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Hospital in 2002, worked as a Social Security Yalova. Trabzon Numune Hospital, respectively, and the assignment is made, served with Fatih State Hospital. During this period the practice of dentistry in the Op. Dr. Ercan Yavuz since the beginning of 2007 AYA Clinic continues to serve as a partner. He is married and has three children