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What is the procedure/How is it performed?

Just like in the other parts of the body, skin and subcutaneous tissues become thinner and the flexibility of the skin is lost in the back and inner side of arms due to the aging. Bagginess may be observed on arms due to gaining and losing weight and gravity as well as aging. In this location, some lipoidosis may take place at varying levels, as well. If the skin quality is good and there is no bagginess that is to say only an excessive lipoidosis is present, a successful result could be obtained by liposuction (sucking the fat via vacuum). In the patients who have skin bagginess along with fatty tissue, it is inevitable to perform brachioplasty.

How long does it take?

 It takes about one-two hours.

What kind of anesthesia is used?

The surgery is performed under intravenous sedation.

How long is hospitalization? 

You can leave hospital on the same day.

How does the recovery period progress? 

The surgical scar is closed with hidden suture from inside. Arm is wrapped with a soft medical dressing. The post-operative period is comfortable. It is recommended for the patient to keep his/her arms up high and wear a special armband for three weeks. The patient could return work one week later.

What are possible risks and undesired results? 

Apart from known early stage problems after the surgery, operation scars and asymmetries may be observed even if they are rare.


How are the results?

 Brachioplasty is a surgery which has permanent results for a long time and makes people happy.