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Brow Lift

What is the procedure/How is it performed?

Forehead and eye area is the location that first signs of aging appear. Structural slacks in this location result in dropping on eyebrows, dropping of eyelids and deepening of forehead’s lines. These structures are tightened in brow or forehead lift surgeries. Forehead is tried to be more even.

How long does it take?

 It takes one-two hours.


What kind of anesthesia is used?

The surgery is performed under intravenous sedation in general. It could be performed under general anesthesia, as well.


How long is hospitalization? 

You usually could be discharged from hospital on the same day.


How does the recovery period progress? 

It is natural to feel tension and pressure in the first days after the surgery. In this period, taking a rest, cold application and restricting the movements help to the recovery. Edemas and tension feeling usually begin to decrease after third day. 

What are possible risks and undesired results? 

Early stage problems possibly to be seen in every surgeries may also be seen in this surgery. Even if it is rare, asymmetry is the most frequent undesired result.


How are the results?

Brow lift is a surgery that provides great contributions to your face and features to look young.