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What is the procedure/How is it performed?

The distance between ear and skull base and its own angles may vary. The ear is called as prominent ear when ear loops are indistinct and its distance from the skull base is big. This condition may cause a psychological trauma especially during childhood. This is a recoverable problem.

How long does it take?

 It takes about one hour.

What kind of anesthesia is used?

The surgery is performed under intravenous sedation in general. General anesthesia could be used, as well.


How long is hospitalization? 

The patient could leave hospital on the same day.


How does the recovery period progress? 

In the first week after the surgery, the person must not sleep on the ear. For the first two days tension and pressure feeling is natural. This tension and pressure feeling begins to decrease after the third day. When the medical dressing is opened for the first day in the third day after the surgery, the ears may be slightly edematous, turning yellow and bruised. Beginning from the day the medical dressing is opened, it is possible to wash the surgical location and apply the moisturizing cream to whole ear. A tennis player headband is worn for two weeks in order to prevent ear to be curled.


What are possible risks and undesired results? 

Apart from general surgical complications, wound healing problems and asymmetries may be observed. Relapse may be experienced even if it is very rare.


How are the results?

The results are gratifying and permanent in general.