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Removal of Tattoo

Today lasers have become a standard practice in removal of tattoos. In removing of tattoo via laser, laser energy is absorbed by tattoo pigments by passing through upper part of the skin without damaging. Energy makes pigments to be dissolved into smaller parts and then body throws out these parts with its own immune system. Black pigments are the easiest ones to be removed because they absorb all laser wavelengths.

In our clinic, Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser technology is successfully used in tattoo removal. Even though it changes due to the problem, 5-10 sessions performed with 1-2 month intervals are adequate. In spite of all those positive aspects, the claim of removing all of the tattoos completely is not true. According to your condition this subject will be interviewed with you in detail. Use of laser technology in tattoo treatment must be considered as a result of our clinic being leader in our region and the onset of many innovations to be offered.